New Construction

Commercial Waterproofing's new construction projects go through a rigorous estimating process to assure that your waterproofing needs are met with a specific focus on cost and scheduling.  We will work diligently with your project team to determine the best solution for your building.


Replacement Roofing

Replacing a roof and keeping your business going takes a commitment to customer service.  At Commercial Waterproofing, we understand the importance of keeping your business going, therefore we will work tirelessly with your on-site managers to assure that business interruptions do not take place.
Roof Maintenance

Keeping your roof in superior condition requires regularly scheduled maintenance.  Commercial Waterproofing will work with you on a maintenance program that will help in extending the life of your roof by many years. 
Emergency Repairs

No commercial roof repair is too big or small for Commercial Waterproofing.  Our crew will arrive on scene with a fully-equipped truck ready to analyze your situation and make every effort to fix your repair in a timely and professional manner.